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I used to be a car salesman. Don’t hate me. I wasn’t one of those big-city slick salesmen. I worked at a small-town dealership in St Mary’s County. The smallest dealership actually. I loved interacting with people but the days went by a little slow. I’m busy now, the days fly by, I get good exercise, and I Love doing roof cleaning in Southern Maryland. I take before and afters of every job I do, and I take pride in doing a good job and helping a house look better, and the roof to last longer.

Coffee is pretty much crucial to my existence. You’ll usually see me pull in for an estimate or start my morning with a coffee in my hand. Light and sweet is how I take it. Wawa or nothing for me. I don’t need a fancy Starbucks cappuccino.

You gotta start your workday with prep. If I’m roof cleaning I’ll start with covering bushes, protecting people’s flower beds. A wise mentor once told me to try to leave the job with their house looking better than it did when I got there. Clean, clean, clean, and clean some more. I protect their stuff with a drop cloth or tarp and get my supplies and go to work.

If it’s a power washing day, I’ll load the power washing pressure washer in the truck and hit the road. Less prep to that. Just time and a light touch with all the experience I have now.

The eight to ten hours I’m at someone’s house are less worth mentioning. They fly by, I hope to get a five-star review, keep them happy, and get a referral so I’m busy next week.

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