Roof Cleaning in Mechanicsville, MD

Keeping your roof clean is like changing the oil in your car. The engine has a rated life span, but to get that life span, you need to keep all the moving parts clean. With your roof, a long life can come by keeping it free of dirt, leaves, and algae. Here are 7 reasons to keep your roof clean if you live in Mechanicsville, Md of St. Mary’s County in Southern Md.

  1. Stop the damage. Algae and dirt that hold rainwater long after a storm is gone are causing your asphalt roof to rot. if your roof is rated 30 years, you will be lucky to get half that life out of your Mechanicsville roof.
  2. Mold growth. Any time you are holding water, you risk mold growth. If mold starts growing on the inside of the roof shearing, it will infiltrate the attic air space and can aggravate allergies if people inside are allergic to mold. Sometimes people can be coughing or sneezing more often than they used to, and the only source of water to feed mold in the house was the roof algae holding it in from rainwater. Keep that roof clean.
  3. Homeowners insurance. If you switch homeowners insurance, you might find what a customer of ours recently found. A punch list. They will inspect the house, and make you do things that help the safety of your house. They know what they’re talking about, because they’re the ones that pay out the claims, and dirty roofs rot shingles and sheating (the platform your shingles go on) and cause claims. Keep your home repairs low and your insurance agent happy. Clean that Mechanicsville roof.
  4. Summer heat. A roof covered with dirt and algae can no longer reflect the suns heat. Those increased roof temperatures will cause either a hot upper floor in the house, or else increased energy bill as the air conditioner stays on to compensate.
  5. Save money. A clean roof can buy your old roof time. Preventing further rotting can buy you an extended life and push off that new roof for several years.
  6. Beautiful Home Appearance. A clean roof is a good-looking roof. If the grass is cut and the landscaping looks good, the house should match. We can clean your roof, or pressure wash your siding and keep your house looking as good as new. Maybe we can work a deal to do both!
  7. Animal and critter entry. We’re not just talking about keeping the roof solid, animals are attracted to the smell of rotting wood. They can smell and sense things that we just can’t. Rodents connect this smell with food, and next thing you know, you have roaches, mice, squirrels and termites in the attic or underside of the roof.

Roof Cleaning St. Mary’s County in Southern Md

If you live in Mechanicsville, MD of St. Mary’s County in Southern MD, call King’s Power Washing for your roof cleaning needs.