Cleaning your rooftop may seem really daunting. It’s common to know it needs done but not really know where to start or what process is the best.

As a Certified “soft wash” cleaning contractor, we DO NOT use any kind of high pressure to clean the surfaces of your property. The only parts we use high pressure to clean are concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios, and walkways. High pressure damages surfaces like shingles, siding, and wooden decks. The maximum pressure that we use in soft washing is about 40 psi which is about the average pressure of a garden hose.

Every time we clean a rooftop, whether it be residential or commercial we follow the same process:

Multi-Point Visual Inspection

Before we do anything, a visual inspection will take place. This will identify any obvious problem areas that either need taken care of first or would prevent us from doing the cleaning altogether. Missing shingles, damaged venting, and excessive wear are things that we will bring to your attention. If we feel that there isn’t much life left to your shingles we won’t clean it. Even soft washing can damage a weak roof.

Debris Removal

Believe it or not, we don’t just blast anything and everything off. We remove all loose debris such as leaves, branches, etc from the roof. Not only is it common courtesy, we don’t want to damage anything around your property with falling debris.

Roof Stain Removal

Next, we’ll apply an industrial grade cleaning solution to work on any algae and mildew that may be growing on your shingles. Those black streaks aren’t a reason to replace your rooftop. It’s a form of algae that can be removed with soft washing.

Roof Moss, Lichen and Algae Growth

We have a chemical that will remove any moss, lichen, and algae that may be growing on your shingles. Once the roof is free of any loose particles the chemical is applied. Any green moss, lichen, or algae will turn white or light-yellow and begin to deteriorate. Then we will gently rinse the surface.

Roof Conditioning (if requested)

After a time, the natural oils that were in your shingles get washed away with repeated rain. After a few years, roofs start to lose their flexibility. Conditioning involves applying a bio-oil that kind of replaces the original oil. The longer we keep your roof functioning the way it’s supposed to, the longer it will last.

Gutter Cleaning

The last step to cleaning your roof is to clean the gutters. If your gutters are clogged, water cannot run off properly and may even start to collect around the edges of your shingles. Debris needs removed to ensure proper water flow.

The soft washing process has been fully approved by all shingles manufacturers including ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association). The soft wash process is also recommended by all insurance companies.

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