Depending on the type and amount of gutters you have on your home, gutter guards (or gutter covers) could run from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. There are variables. Are you installing yourself? Are you hiring a pro? Is this a reverse curve system or a foam insert? 

This will hopefully give you a general ballpark of what you are looking at cost-wise. Kings power washing will consider what you are installing and what it generally costs if you do it yourself vs a professional installation.

Angie’s list suggests that gutter guards and gutter covers will cost between $7.50 & & $10 per linear foot installed. The average home has 200 feet of gutter, so that would average out to $1500 to $2000 for a professional installation. This is for basic systems. 

(All prices quoted are at the time the article is written.)

Mesh gutter guard pricing

This is usually the most durable and effective option. But that means a higher price tag. From the Amerimax Home Products Lock-In Gutter Guard (pack of 25) at $68.37 on Amazon to Gutter Guard Mesh 16ft x 6in Black Plastic gutter covers easy to install at $8.25 also on Amazon, there are many types of DIY options. (You can see that it will be hard to compare apples to apples because packaging will vary greatly.) 

If you are looking for a professional installation, micro-mesh will probably be your first choice, as they are the better option. Some will run close to $459 just for the gutter guard (Raptor Gutter Guard Stainless Steel Micro Mesh, Contractor Grade for 192ft.) Add labor and other materials on top of that.

Bottlebrush gutter guard pricing

One of the most problematic options for gutter guards is the bottle brush gutter guard. Problematic for those with pine trees or maple trees or trees with lots of seeds. Trees with large leaves? This may be a solution for you – it is also one of the most inexpensive. It does require more maintenance (shake it out twice a year) but if you only have large leaves or debris to worry about, this will work for you. This is a very easy DIY and starts at a very easy $18.25 for the GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard on Google and this is easy to buy online or at almost any retailer (Walmart, Ace Hardware, Home Depot and many more). The highest price I saw this product for was $106.45 at Walmart – same product. Do your own search for your area.

Screen gutter guard pricing

The cheapest I found this product was at $2.16 for a 3ft Snap Gutter Filter at SHC Supply online. Although a much better alternative at Midland Hardware: Amerimax Mill Hinged Gutter Guard $2.49 for 3ft and made of galvanized steel.

One of the more expensive options was the GDM Flexxpoint Gutter Cover System which was sold in 22’ all the way to 5100’ lengths.  Made of aluminum and available in 4 colors, the short length (22’) is $39. It still wasn’t very expensive per foot and had fewer drawbacks than other systems.

Foam inserts or guard pricing

Gutterstuff was the name in foam inserts. If you want the top foam, be prepared to spend around $500 for 200ft of EZ DIY installation. This brand had UV protection, a moss blocker, fire retardants, and a lifetime warranty. This is Very Easy to install, just clean your gutters and put the foam in – literally nothing gets in your gutters but water. Until tiny dust particles or mud or something small gets in there, but that is easy to take out and shake off. Very easy to maintain and clean.

For less expensive versions of foam inserts, there is Gutterstuff (standard) $32.20 for 32ft. A dollar a foot.

Reverse curve gutter guard pricing

This one is hard to price because it varies widely due to contractors and professionals setting their own prices on the materials and labor. This particular gutter system is not available for DIY so cannot be priced that way. Your best bet is to contact a company and ask. Having said that, they will sell you hard on their product. Be sure that this is the right one for you and your home.

Gutter Helmet makes ONLY reverse gutter guards

Gutter Topper has a variety of guards, so they may be able to make one work for you.

Now that you have an idea (mind you, only a ballpark figure) of what you are looking at, you may have to think about whether or not gutter guards make sense for you financially. It might be cheaper for you to hire someone to clean your gutters twice a year than put in a gutter guard and have to clean that, anyway. What it comes down to is managing finances and managing the water around your home. 

It might be prudent to consider the choices of gutter guards, whether or not they will work for you, and what your landscape is. Maybe one guard will work for one part of the house but not another. Maybe you don’t need gutter covers all-around your home. Maybe you need to trim your trees. Consider all your options before making a purchase.

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