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The Importance of Using a Gutter Cleaning Company

Many fail to recognize that gutter cleaning is essential to your home maintenance routine. Your gutters are part of your roof, and should be looked after and cared for just as well. Leaves can build up and clog the downspouts, which can cause water damage to your roof and fascia. When clogged, water will pour over the gutters or cause leaks that end up next to your home’s foundation, in the basement or crawlspace. If moisture develops it creates a perfect breeding ground for insects and allows small weeds and mildew to grow inside the gutter.

Let’s just say your home’s drainage system is the first line of defense against heavy rain and wind, especially during spring and summer storms – meaning you need to protect your home and keep your gutters clean.

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How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

Every house is different. It depends on the number of tall trees you have, as well as wind conditions. When gutters are full, debris should be removed immediately not to cause build up and potential damage to your home. Contact us for our special routine maintenance pricing.

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How can I Check My Gutters?

If we are at your home power washing or cleaning your roof, we can assess your gutters for you! No need to pull out the ladder and risk getting injured. Just ask us when we are at your home and we’ll let you know the current condition of your gutters and if its time for them to be cleaned out.


Our Gutter Cleaning Techniques

As professionals we understand what it takes to exceed our client’s expectations: excellent work, quality service, consistent business practices and complete honesty with every job that we do.

We’re locals to the St Marys county area. That means we’re not some franchise looking to make the big guys money. We’re honest hard working members of the community that want to deliver high quality service to our Southern Maryland neighbors.

We are ready to deliver our 5 star gutter cleaning service to you and get your gutters functioning like they should. Our techs follow a 4 step process to leave you with the best results.

  1. Our skilled employees begin by cleaning the gutter near a downspout.
  2. Remove any large debris, with a trowel and a bucket.
  3. Clean out finer materials and flush the entire system.
  4. Leave our customers with highly functioning gutters that drain properly.

Why Choose Our Company

We are your trustworthy residential and commercial gutter cleaners who have over 15 years of professional experience. We are committed to providing only high quality services at very competitive rates. Let us show you how we are becoming the finest gutter cleaning service of Southern Maryland. Since our establishment, we have been able to work with a countless number of customers in St. Marys County, Calvert County, Anne Arundel, and Charles County.

Your drainage system needs regular cleaning to work properly. Of course, you can do it alone, but if you don’t want to risk your health or damage to your roof, you better leave the job to the expertise of our trained professionals. We are always glad to talk to new clients about their home maintenance needs and more.

Gutter Cleaning St Marys County

Kings is not your average gutter cleaning company. We take pride in what we do. As gutter cleaning St Marys County locals and professionals, we like to treat all of our customers as our neighbors. Mostly because, they are! Because we know many of our neighbors, we also know that they hardly ever think twice about the cleaning of their gutter system. We know that once you have gone through all the trouble to basically waterproof your home with a good roof, good windows, and good siding, the last thing you want to have to worry about is gutter repair.

They are a basic home system that don’t take too much to maintain, but boy, will it get you into trouble if you ignore the repairs and maintenance to them. It could lead to leaky roofing… Nobody’s got time for that!

Protect your greatest investment in St Marys County area today by contacting us by phone or our contact form. We will get you set up with a quote and appointment as soon as possible.

Absolute No-Nos In Cleaning Your Own Gutter System

Before you keep reading, we want to mention… Don’t do it! How often do you work from a ladder? Trying to clean your own roofing-drainage system has many risks. But below is a list of some absolute don’t dos if you want to risk the fall.

  1. Think you’re a tough guy and not tell anyone. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Everyone laughs at that phrase until they’re the one’s actually saying it. It’s best practice to do any type of ladder work when others are around. If no one is nearby, at least let a family member or friend no you’ll be working up high. If you do fall, you’ll be happy you let someone know.
  2. Use a ladder that’s seen better days. Make sure the ladder is stable and secure. And whatever you do, please don’t work from a wobbly ladder! There’s all kinds of warnings out there about working from the top step of the ladder. It’s a bad idea. Please heed the warnings.
  3. Think you don’t need gloves… Please pay very close attention to the picture below and to the picture at the top of this page. Both people are wearing gloves. If you’re using a scooping tool, you’re still going to have to touch whatever’s been living in your gutters. Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve had them unclogged, it could get… interesting. Be safe. Wear gloves.
  4. Don’t ever blame St Marys county. Okay, okay, we know no one would ever dare do this. We all love our home and we know that. But the weather and environment will forever and always clog up your gutters and downspouts. You can’t blame nature for doing her thing.


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Kings stands out from the rest. I understood what they were doing with the gutters and why, and their insurance made me feel better about using them.

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These guys are so professional. I wasn't expecting too much from a gutter cleaning service. But they were very detail oriented. I will use them again for sure.

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