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Is Pressure Washing Safe?

High pressure rinsing is often seen as a quick and easy way to clean your home’s exterior. But in reality, it can cause more harm than good if not done correctly. This method uses powerful jets of water that can easily damage siding, windows, doors and other surfaces around your home. It also has the potential to strip away protective coatings from surfaces like decks and patios. The solution? Soft washing – a safer alternative that still gets the job done without risking damage to your property. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it’s important to choose soft over power for cleaning the exterior of your home.

Pressurized rinsing is a powerful tool that can be used to clean and restore many surfaces, but it’s important to know what surfaces are too fragile. This is especially true when dealing with delicate materials such as wood, stucco, brick or stone. These types of materials require special care when being cleaned because they can easily become damaged by the high pressurized water of a power washer.

Power rinsing a deck can be an effective way to clean off dirt, grime, and debris that has built up over time. However, it is not always the best option for cleaning wood surfaces. The high pressurized water can cause serious damage to a wooden deck, splintering its boards or even eroding away

Pressure Washing Your Deck?

One example of how using a power washer on a wooden deck can cause significant harm is splintering. When the high pressurized water blasts against the wood, it can cause tiny cracks to form in the boards, which can quickly lead to larger splits and ultimately splintering. Splintered wood can leave an unsightly surface that is difficult to repair.

Fortunately, there are ways to clean wooden decks without using a power washer. Soft washing is an effective solution for removing dirt and debris from wood surfaces without the risk of damage from high pressure. Soft washing uses low pressure and special cleaning solutions that gently remove contaminants while protecting the integrity of your deck.

The Solution: Soft Washing!

Soft rinsing is a much safer and more effective way to clean wood surfaces than power rinsing. It uses low power, so it won’t damage delicate materials such as wood, stucco, brick or stone. Furthermore, soft cleaning solutions are specifically designed to gently remove contaminants while protecting the integrity of your surfaces. This means that you can enjoy cleaner surfaces without risking any damage from high-pressurized washers. Additionally, it requires less time and effort since there’s no need for additional preparation or protection against splintering. Finally, soft washing is more economical in the long run since it minimizes costly repairs due to accidental damage. So if you’re looking for a safe, efficient way to clean your outdoor surfaces, consider soft washing!

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