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The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) is located in La Plata, MD in Charles County. From big educational savings, transfer opportunities, learning programs, and small class sizes, CSM offers much to its students. Consider sending your student to this Southern Maryland school to kickstart their higher education!

BIG Savings on Tuition

Students can save almost $30,000 by attending CSM during their first two years of college! It offers various scholarships, grants, loans, payment options, and even work-study employment opportunities to its students to make their education affordable and attainable. CSM allows students to get their foot in the door to their higher education goals.

Transfer Opportunities

Once students complete two years at CSM, they often transfer to a college or university to complete their degree(s). CSM proudly offers over 200 transfer agreements with over 60 colleges and universities throughout the country, giving its students an endless opportunity for academic success.

Small Class Sizes

The smaller the class size, the more personalized the learning experience will be and the more attention each student will receive from the professors to ensure their success in the class. The College of Southern Maryland offers students an average student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1! Your student(s) will receive the personalized education they deserve right here at CSM.

Expanding Academic Programs

Students have over 100 options when it comes to academic programs at CSM, allowing them to pursue the career path that’s right for them. Students have the choice of various fields of study under the Arts and Humanities; Health; Business and Information Systems; Education and Public Service; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; and Trades, Transportation, and Energy programs!

Attend the College of Southern Maryland!

Each year, students leave CSM with an appreciation for their valuable learning experience and feel prepared and excited to continue pursuing their career goals at another college or university. CSM is definitely a great contender for your graduating student to consider!

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