Do you need gutter guard installation help? Let the professionals do their job in protecting your home from water damage and giving you less maintenance. Every system has its good points and drawbacks, and it varies depending on your needs. Keep in mind, staying off the ladder is the goal. (Always clean gutters before installing any of these).

Different types of gutter guards

Mesh gutter guards

These are made of metal with tiny holes. They keep out debris while letting water in. They can be installed on a wide variety of gutters so they are easy to use. These are one of the most durable options.

Bottlebrush gutter guards

They are round and look like cleaning brushes. Because they fill your gutters, they keep large debris out, the spikes allow air circulation and water to flow through. Brushes need to be at least cleaned once a year (more if you have pine trees) by taking them out of the gutter and shaking them out. They can and do trap pine needles.

This system is purchased from $20 to $300 – so relatively inexpensive.

Screen gutter guards

Made of metal or plastic, they are easy to install and found in most hardware stores. They are effective at filtering finer debris out of your gutters. However, as with bottle brush guards, pine needles also get stuck in this type, so this needs monitoring. Also, metal guards tend to rust and will leave drip stains on your home, so the plastic may be chosen to avoid this issue.

Foam inserts or guards

These are foam inserts that fill your gutters to keep debris out but let the water filter through. They are made with polyether or polyurethane foam and this is a simple install. Some brands claim up to 25 years or more on these inserts. Generally they don’t last that long.

Reverse curve gutter guards

This style of gutter guards are over a century old, and still, require someone experienced in this type of installation to do it. Do research before you hire help, this is not a simple install. Other considerations are difficulty in removing reverse curve guards to clean and maintain gutters, curves do accumulate debris and need to be cleaned, they form large icicles in winter, and it is visible from the ground (aesthetics). However, they do work, depending on your situation, this may be a great option.

What brands should you look at?

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection

This is a small mesh gutter guard – professional installation only with a lifetime warranty. This brand includes end caps to keep animals from nesting. Not only is the largest brand in the country, but this brand also promises top-end service and product – however, the subcontractors are uneven in the executing of the installations. Sometimes the installations can void the warranty so do due diligence on your contractors.


This is a small mesh gutter guard – they have professional and DIY options. The professional options have longer warranties. The DIY options are available at all the big retailers, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club & Menards.

This would be one of the more durable options because of the type of gutter guard.

Gutter Helmet

These are reverse gutter guards – aluminum covered in Kynar paint. They are professional installation only with lifetime warranty. They have an optional heat ice reduction to combat icicles and ice dams. This company will stand behind their product, if your gutters clog, it is faulty installation and they will send a technician out to inspect and fix the problem. If the gutter guard was properly installed and still gets clogged, Gutter Helmet will clean your gutters for you.


These are screen gutter guards that are aluminum and come in 4 colors. They are a DIY installation and have a 40-year warranty. They are sold through Amazon. The gutter guard isn’t flat and helps the water go into the gutter while letting the leaves go over it. This system boasts a budget-friendly price of $84 for 102 feet.


These are foam inserts, gutter guards. They are made of polyether foam. You can choose coatings for the foam for different purposes, such as fire retardancy or UV protection. They are a DIY installation and they claim a 3 to lifetime warranty depending on your choice. They are available through Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Ace, True Value and their webpage. 

Raindrop Gutter Guard

These are screen gutter guards (Raindrop calls grill) made of polypropylene (plastic). They are a DIY installation and have a 20-year warranty.  Their overall rating is very high, however, the gutter guard will still allow for seed pods and pine needles to infiltrate the system. If you do not have pine, maple, and locust trees, this will be a great choice for you.

Rhino Gutter Guard

These are stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards which are only sold through authorized dealers and professionally installed. They offer a 30-year warranty. This product does keep small debris out of your gutters (seeds, small leaves, etc) and has downspout shields and end caps to keep animals out.

Gutter Topper 

This company has a variety of gutter guards for you to choose from. They are all professional installation only. They have a guard for different situations. In checking with GuildQuality, many contractors recommend this company.

  • Gutter Topper – reverse curve guard
  • The Leaf Terminator – screen guard
  • The Solution – mesh guard
  • Versatile Solution – mesh guard
  • Needle Guard – micro-mesh guard
  • Top Guard – reverse curve guard
  • Hott Topper – installed with gutter topper guard
  • Ice Dam Solution – installed with other gutter guards

E-Z Gutter Guards

This company also has different gutter guards geared toward the DIY market but they do have a webpage to have them installed professionally. They have gutter guards for K style gutters and also for half round. The diversity of finishes includes powder-coated galvanized steel, mill-finish aluminum, painted aluminum, and copper. 

Before you decide on a brand, think about the types of trees you have and how close to the house they are. Maybe trimming the trees would help with some of your gutter issues. Think about your climate and ask someone you respect whose home is well kept what they would recommend. Asking someone who is wanting to sell you something that their advice is – well, you know how that turns out.

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