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Most people don’t stand and stare at their roof. But we wager if you did you might notice some areas that could use some TLC.

Stains on roofs result from algae, lichens and/or moss. These harmful organisims can eat through your shingles and cause wood rot. When the wood rots, moisture gets in and can cause mold. Roof stains are the first sign of trouble. We remove the unsightly stains and thus preserve the life of your roof and help to maintain a healthy environment in your home.

Roof Cleaning, Mechanicsville, Md 20659 St. Mary’s County

Many insurance companies insist on roof stain removal

Many insurance companies encourage/insist on roof stain removal because they know that it will result in a longer lasting roof and prevent mold from growing in your home. Of course, keeping debris off your roof to a minimum will help to prevent harmful buildup of algae, lichens, and/or moss.

Now, cleaning your roof may not seem like complicated, hard work. Technically, it’s not. However, it roof cleaning mechanicsville md st marys county southern mddoes involve being comfortable with heights and slippery ground. We are happy to help out with this potentially dangerous task! Don’t get stuck on a ladder or worse yet, slip and injure your back!
We come with all the equipment we need to take this slippery, messy job off your hands and leave you with a clean, healthy roof that will last for many years!

Cleaning helps not only the looks of your house, but helps asphalt shingles last their longest. Get the full rated life of your roof by keeping it clean. Allowing debre to sit on the roof allows the debre to hold moisture which will rot your roof over time. Check out our blog for 7 reasons to keep your roof clean in Mechanicsvile Md/St Marys county/southern md.

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You work long days and long hours! We can provide you with affordable prices to help you maintain the beauty of your home. Let us make your home beautiful so you can enjoy it guilt free!