Kings Powerwashing and Roof Cleaning in Southern Md of St Mary’s County

Kings Powerwashing and Roof Cleaning in Southern Md of St Mary’s County

“Josh Taylor is very knowledgeable and is a hard working guy. He talked to me frankly, I trust him with my home, and takes meticulous time protecting grass and plants that I didn’t even think about. He really cares that I would be happy with the final job, and was responsive to phone calls and questions after the sale with advice for similar projects.  We would not hesitate to use him or recommend them to our friends and co-workers.” -Jason G. Mechanicsville, Md

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“Let the King make your house a Castle again!”powerwashing southern maryland roof cleaning

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power washing st marys county md

For more than 15 years, Kings Powerwashing has been serving the residents of Southern Md with experienced power washing solutions. Josh Taylor, the powerwashing company guru, can take care of your home’s needs. Centrally located in the heart of Saint Mary’s County, Mechanicsville, Md, we also serve Charles County, Calvert County, Prince Georges County, and all of Southern Maryland. With over 15 years of experience, we can do it all, including your power washing and pressure washing needs for your deck, siding, brick, and roof. Not all power washers do the same quality work. Chose Kings Powerwashing for a company that understands that the quality of their work means the referral that keeps them working next week. Thank you for all your referrals based on our quality roof cleaning and siding cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning Southern Maryland Reviews

At Kings Powerwashing, we are all about our 100% customer satisfaction rating. Check out our reviews to see the experiences others have had with us. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant where everyone said the food was awful and made them sick. No, you choose the restaurant everyone is raving about for your precious Friday or Saturday night. Neither should you choose to invite a contractor into your home before finding out that many others have had good experiences with them. Your powerwashing contractor’s work on the outside siding, brick, and roof will reflect the cleanliness of the inside of your home. Lets do it right together the first time.

“King’s Powerwashing was great. They really know what they’re talking about. He guided me thru our project, so that what could have been a overwhelming thing turned into something manageable. I’m so glad that I called a professional company to do the work! I used to pull up in the driveway and think of all the things I needed to do to my home. Now after a long day of work I can pull up to a bright, beautiful home that makes me smile.” -Jennifer, St Mary’s County, Md


Benefits of Pressure Washing

Longer Roof Life

Powerwashing mold and algae streaks off a roof is NOT just for looks. Mold and algae are living things. Did you know that they feed on the limestone in your roof? It is the tar and asphalt that waterproof your roof, but the cheap limestone is there to give asphalt roofing shingles their heft, preventing them from flying off in a windy storm. Killing and then removing the mold and algae will allow your roof to keep the water out, and save you from an early roof replacement.

Keeping Up Appearances

Whether you’re putting your house up for sale, doing a spring cleaning, or getting ready for the holidays, we can clean your siding, gutters, porch, side walks and more. Curb appeal is for real, and can help sell a house, or keep the neighbors happy, or just make you feel like a million bucks when you are entertaining company. Whatever the reason, call Kings Powerwashing today!

Save Time

You have a lot on your plate. By delegating this task, you are better able to handle other matters in your life. People thing power washing is easy, but you need experience, the right tools, and the skills to reach higher floors or to properly wash windows without damaging them, and kill mold without killing the plants around your house. Let our experience save you your valuable time.

Real Estate Value

A Clean House that looks good when you pull up sells. Period.

Your Name

Phone Number

Email address, Home Address, and Your Comments Here

Powerwashing in Mechanicsville, Md

No project is too big or too small. Some people worry about calling a contractor for something small and worry about bothering them, having them drive a half an hour to “look” at a small couple hour job. Please don’t worry about the size of the job. For some small jobs, we may be able to guide you price-wise with some good questions over the phone, and we can combine two small jobs (your job and another one nearby) in one area to make a day of it. Our point is, there is no job too small, and we will make our day efficient enough to give you a value on your work. Let’s face it, some contractors want the same money for a four hour job in Mechanicsville or St. Mary’s County that they want for an eight hour job. They figure a day is a day. We know how to schedule our day so that we can serve you efficiently whether we need to have six people there for 2 weeks or one man for just a few hours. We are flexible, whether you are in Mechanicsville, St. Mary’s County, or anywhere else in Southern Maryland.

Powerwashing in Mechanicsville, Md St. Mary’s County in Southern Md

We do powerwashing/pressure washing of your deck. Powerwashing a deck with a pre-treating of deck cleaner is a great way to get rid of algae and residue that holds water and rots your deck long term. The algae etc. needs to be removed, and the deck needs to be protected with stain, paint, oil, or deck restore product to help bead water. If the prep work isn’t done properly, the long term results won’t be good. Let us do the prep work!

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